Place Your Bets


The heat, as I had mentioned in the previous post is intense. I sweat, the baby sweats, we all sweat. I’m trying to keep her cool in front of the fans (one will go to another apt next week, so we will be down to one floor fan) Baby V. has had some heat rash. The manager has put up a blue tarp in front of our unit to help give us a bit more shade. She has even been asking the owner for umbrellas for the property to help with the issue. Even the managers daughter is so kind in this, she brought us a used walker one day for the baby to use. This has freed up our arms as any parent knows. It gives her independence, which is so important.

There has been an arrangement for a neighbor to take us to town on Tuesday mornings now too. Its so helpful, and the Super Polla has veggies on sale that day, which we love. The kindness has been so appreciated. The driver who had picked us up from the airport has stopped by to see how we were getting along, plus he took me to the market one day as well. I did have to pay him that day, and he isn’t cheap. He charges about 8 Dollars each way. So that is not really in the budget to happen often.

My expectations of this trip seem laughable, as I am having a hard time adjusting. An apt furnished (we have) with air conditioning (we don’t have). Near a beach…Well, mileage wise, yes. Walk-able, no. We have a pool, which is awesome. No town within walking distance. The main road is about a mile away, downhill on the way to the road, up on the way back. Then you have to hail a taxi or Coagua ( a small taxi van, and I’m not sure its spelled that way). Being out in the country is peaceful, which I love, but its also very isolated, which I don’t love. The ants bite. The gigantic spiders shorten my life span. There have been three in the apartment so far, and if it wasn’t for my husband being here to kill them, I think I would have moved out already. You should see me going into another room sometimes. Scanning the walls and corners for them before I even step into the room.

Co-sleeping with the baby has been hard for me, The bed space isn’t big enough and I don’t really sleep well at night. Plus I have this guilt over the fact that now I will have to train her to sleep on her own.

The afternoon thunderstorms are lovely. The Horses next door are also. The property here is so peaceful.

We had a ride to Sosua the other day and walked to the beach. Its really a nice beach with tons of shade from the Palms. The area is lined with vendors selling food and things like bathing suits, kitchy stuff, paintings, dresses, towels, whatever… I got a blister on my foot that day, so I haven’t wanted to get back that way due to all the walking.


An illustration I did one day based on the pool here


Sosua beach and business


Baby V is somewhat of a celebrity when we go out.


This is baby V and her Daddy at the beach

Things I am thankful for:

  • Spinach and bacon in my eggs
  • A shower
  • Fans (we may need to buy one this week)
  • Clean laundered sheets
  • The coloring book that my friend Debbie sent with me
  • My husband watching the baby as she sleeps so I can have some alone time
  • Drawing
  • Fresh vegetables
  • Cheese
  • Cold beer
  • Pool

I miss my family and friends.

Who wants to start placing bets on how long I will be able to stay here? -wifeabroad


Green Grass


I like the fact that even though there are many days of routine here, I also get to experience new things from time to time. Routine can sometimes be categorized as “I can feel the hair on my head growing, I’m that bored!” Routine can also be a comfort at times. It is however, very refreshing to discover that it isn’t always just sand and malls here. For example, my husband and I went up to a compound this past weekend. It was a whole new world. A HUGE city of expats, living in this area with western looking houses, little yards, a movie theater, parks, a golf course with the greenest grass I have seen in a long time.


And we had Mexican food. It was American/Mexican. But I was happy with it! We hung out at his friend’s place there in the afternoon and just sort of rested from our drive. We watched “North by Northwest”. I hadn’t seen that movie since I was a kid. It was the first time my husband had ever seen it. Watched a couple other classic movies and then in the evening we went to a dinner and dance party event. Country themed, with the table napkins folded like boots.


There was a group of people there doing dance performances, as well as a few dance lessons for the guests. Line dancing and two step, with lots of people participating. It was a really fun environment! It also made me realize that I could totally live on a compound if we had the opportunity.

Everyone was super nice and while we had to cut the evening short, we had a great time. We had a good weekend all together. Did some new things, had a little relaxation, and enjoyed some great food.

These things keep me going, along with my ever loving husband -wifeabroad