What I have learned since my last post in May.

  • I’m pregnant.
  • Even if I never had morning sickness, I wasn’t exactly a happy pregnant woman for a few months.
  • Nothing is really ever as you expect it to be.
  • Hospital standards can really vary. I knew this, just hadn’t experienced it like I have here. I’m thankful for the option of having more than just one to choose from.
  • My last visit to the States in June didn’t feel like a vacation. And the idea of doing that particular trip again, will take some re-thinking/planning.
  • No matter how long I have been gone from the States, my arrival back will never be met with the excitement that I expected. (Nothing is really how you expect it to be)
  • My husband has been fantastic over the past five months.
  • I have cried so many tears (I’m pregnant)
  • I’m actually not as outgoing as I thought I was.
  • After 38 years, I kinda feel like an introvert.
  • I still love cooking! (The first trimester made me hate it, and the smells of it)
  • The second trimester is SO much better physically, mentally, and emotionally.
  • I’ve felt more at ease living here in the past month, than I have in the past ten months. I guess that’s progress.
  • I still miss my freedom though.
  • I’ve never in my live lived through such a hot summer. It’s not quite over yet.
  • I’m really not great at keeping in touch with people like I should.
  • My husband and I get one more trip together before the baby comes. Some would call that a babymoon. But for the record, this won’t be about the baby at all. 🙂 Sri Lanka has been a dream destination for me for many years now.
  • I should probably finish unpacking from my last trip, since we leave next week.
  • Naming another human being feels like a huge responsibility.
  • I’ve felt so lost without my laptop lately. It crashed a month ago. I miss the digital design work.
  • I’m a much happier pregnant woman these days.

I miss American pizza. -wifeabroad