I would like to thank Katy Perry


I can hardly believe it’s already May! Sometimes the time here just drags out…but at the same time it goes by pretty quick.

You know how you can hear a song on the radio and it’s stuck in your head all day? Or you see a Facebook post with a one liner of some lyric, and bam! Stuck in your head for a week? Even a photo can induce a catchy tune to be repeated in my mind for some time.

Living directly next door to a mosque can have a positive side, it’s like an alarm clock. I know five times a day, what time it is, without looking at a clock. The huge downside for me is that the sound (which is usually like a song) gets stuck in my head every day. I have to fight it, and the best way for me to do that is to sing to myself. Any song will do, most times it’s a pop song of sorts. So for that, I would like to thank Katy Perry. “I got the eye of the tiger…your gonna hear me roar.”

Are you singing now? You’re welcome!



2 thoughts on “I would like to thank Katy Perry

    • Thank you so much. Yeah, I would tell her about it too if I ever did meet her. 🙂 For some reason, this particular song is the most common one that pops into my mind when I need a tune change.

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