Green Grass


I like the fact that even though there are many days of routine here, I also get to experience new things from time to time. Routine can sometimes be categorized as “I can feel the hair on my head growing, I’m that bored!” Routine can also be a comfort at times. It is however, very refreshing to discover that it isn’t always just sand and malls here. For example, my husband and I went up to a compound this past weekend. It was a whole new world. A HUGE city of expats, living in this area with western looking houses, little yards, a movie theater, parks, a golf course with the greenest grass I have seen in a long time.


And we had Mexican food. It was American/Mexican. But I was happy with it! We hung out at his friend’s place there in the afternoon and just sort of rested from our drive. We watched “North by Northwest”. I hadn’t seen that movie since I was a kid. It was the first time my husband had ever seen it. Watched a couple other classic movies and then in the evening we went to a dinner and dance party event. Country themed, with the table napkins folded like boots.


There was a group of people there doing dance performances, as well as a few dance lessons for the guests. Line dancing and two step, with lots of people participating. It was a really fun environment! It also made me realize that I could totally live on a compound if we had the opportunity.

Everyone was super nice and while we had to cut the evening short, we had a great time. We had a good weekend all together. Did some new things, had a little relaxation, and enjoyed some great food.

These things keep me going, along with my ever loving husband -wifeabroad



Summer time is drawing near… Our vacation this summer will be a trip to the States. We already have our flights booked. Now to just wait it out till it gets here…I’m super excited to have some new adventures this summer. Things I haven’t ever done, like ride the Amtrack train to NY. Hang out in NY (I’ve been to upstate area, but not the city). Oh and it may seem like a small thing, but 4th of July is one of my holidays. Since meeting my husband, we have always been in separate countries on the 4th. This time we get to watch fireworks together. (I smiled even as I typed this, it really makes me happy)

In a not so far off date, I will be packing for our trip…I’m already thinking about the things I will take with me to the States. Like sentimental stuff… the kinds of things that my husband doesn’t get. Even things that I have made. This kitschy oud burner that I turned into a pincushion…I think it’s cool, so I want to keep it. He and I are so different in this. He said to me the other night, “…you can’t take the stuff with you when you’re dead.” At which I replied, “I know, but I’m still alive, so why should I live in an empty box?” I like to have “things” while he finds it to be a burden. He likes the ability to just get up and leave, without baggage. I have however come a long way from a fully furnished home back in the States, to five Totes of belongings being stored in my mother in laws basement.

Since I’ve been here, I have made 4-6 quilt tops. And I don’t plan to just leave them behind. I like them and I plan to complete them at some point. And for me it makes more sense to take them back to the States for future completion, rather than finish here (less bulk in the luggage). And there are a few other smaller sentimental items, and maybe a few pieces of clothes that I like, that will come in handy later on to have. I happen to have the mind set of…”why give it away and then turn around and have to buy it again?” I know I can’t take everything with me whenever I go, but one thing is for sure… I will take some of it. It is just the way it is. I thought that maybe that particular way about me might change by living over here, and wanting to live yet in other places. But to be completely honest, it has (maybe) gotten a bit worse since being here. Not that I have more than I did before, because that’s not the case. It’s just that I think I want certain securities even more so than I did before. Maybe the insecure feeling that I get about this particular place is the reason I feel like I need it more. Who knows…Maybe it’s my age.  And yet, it’s also just a part of who I am, and I’m okay with that!

CAM00356 CAM00357 Two of the latest quilt tops I have made.

I do need to think more on this topic though, because the next place we live will once again require certain “things” in order for me to feel settled, secure, comfortable… I’m not really sure how to rank what is important and what is not. I’m talking stuff like appliances, furniture, you know…?

I would love some input from my readers on this as well…Do you have things in life that you must have, what are they? Why do you feel like these things are important? Do you have a spouse that thinks so incredibly different from the way that you think? I always welcome a good laughable story! And if you are a nomad so to speak, how do you deal with things?

CAM00337 My camel oud burner, turned pincushion.

Some “things” are just great memories…This place has definitely provided me with that.    -wifeabroad

I would like to thank Katy Perry


I can hardly believe it’s already May! Sometimes the time here just drags out…but at the same time it goes by pretty quick.

You know how you can hear a song on the radio and it’s stuck in your head all day? Or you see a Facebook post with a one liner of some lyric, and bam! Stuck in your head for a week? Even a photo can induce a catchy tune to be repeated in my mind for some time.

Living directly next door to a mosque can have a positive side, it’s like an alarm clock. I know five times a day, what time it is, without looking at a clock. The huge downside for me is that the sound (which is usually like a song) gets stuck in my head every day. I have to fight it, and the best way for me to do that is to sing to myself. Any song will do, most times it’s a pop song of sorts. So for that, I would like to thank Katy Perry. “I got the eye of the tiger…your gonna hear me roar.”

Are you singing now? You’re welcome!