My shortest post so far.

It seems like I could use a little help from my readers here… If you happen upon my blog via Twitter, Facebook, Expat Blog, or just the information in the posts leads you here, can you let me know? I would like to get a little feedback from the people who read. I get some information from the site about visitors, but its nothing personal by any means.

What was it that brought you here?

What would you like me to write about (if you have questions or an interest in the particular country)?

Are you an Expat yourself? Or do you want to be?

What are some of the great things about where you live in particular?

Also,… feel free to promote your own blog in the comments below, I love reading other blogs.

Please feel free to comment in the section below and give me some thoughts.

This is also my way of saying I have a bit of writers block or something. I need some ideas, and my creativity needs a little jump-start. Thanks!

Listening to the howl of the wind all day -wifeabroad


2 thoughts on “My shortest post so far.

  1. Hi!

    I totally understand what you mean. I haven’t written a post on my blog for a while, and I haven’t progressed much with the writing of book 2 of my middle grade novel that describes the life of a young 12-year-old blonde in Saudi Arabia.

    Since you’re a “wife abroad” and one who lives in an ultraconservative country such as Saudi Arabia, why not write about some fun stuff that stay-at-home mums in Saudi can do? I have noticed that many otherwise qualified women stay at home and look for several ways of making a living. Some have become direct sellers of Avon, Oriflame, or Forever Living products. I know of stay-at-home mums who earn about 5000 SAR through these means. You could also write about get together expat groups in KSA (for example, groups on Internations), what women should expect when they join such groups and what they should be wary of.

    Just a thought. I hope this helps


    • I don’t have the knowledge of the “fun” things that stay at home mums do here. 🙂 I think that part of my problem is that its not easy for me to make friends here. I’m just not as outgoing as I once thought I was.
      Direct selling had not crossed my mind. Maybe it will be worth looking into.
      Thanks for the ideas. Always welcome. I’ll be checking out your blog here shortly! -wifeabroad


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