It may not seem like much…


It’s about that time again when I give you all an update on my life here in Saudi… We had a pretty good weekend, actually, I will say it was great! There is something incredibly calming about being able to just relax and see a new place, and hang out with friends. It overrides the negative crap in my head for a while. Something that is both needed and very much cherished here in the desert. At least for me…

Thursday evening, we met up with friends at the grocery store to get food for the next day’s BBQ we had planned. We got our supplies and then headed to my favorite place for Shawarma’s. We then went to a nearby park to eat, since the restaurant has no family section. The weather has been really great so, the park was very full of families with their children.

Friday we got on the road about 8ish, and drove to this hidden gem along the beach. This place provided us with a sense of NORMAL life for the day. We shed our abayas, and the rules of Saudi, and just had a great day relaxing in the sun, feet in the sand, cold malt (alcohol free) beverage in our hands. And the men grilled meat for dinner, on little grills that were available for us to use. The kids and adults all had a good time. It was such a breath of fresh air. And I’m sure that everyone got home that night very tired, but a good sort of tired.

On Saturday we had another guest over for dinner. Our guest brought all the food and cooked it up in our kitchen. I didn’t have to do a thing! And it was super delicious. Bok choy, steak and rice. I will have to see if he wants to cook for us again, he can. Then after dinner we headed to the Eco Park. Half the park is still blocked off to pedestrians for some reason, but once again it was teeming with people enjoying the weather. The first time I had been to the park, the water fountain was empty of water and looked to be under construction. I had a desire to see the fountain in action while here, and I got to see it that night. The water was flowing and after dusk, the fountain came to life. It used to be the world’s largest fountain at one time. The water shoots up 73 meters according to what I have found on the Internet about it. We were quite surprised to find that it was set to music. Public music here is Haram (meaning it’s sinful or forbidden to some Muslims) but I guess once again, the rules are meant to be broken! Oh,…I almost forgot to mention that also, a surprise to me was seeing female workers at the park picking up trash! This is a first for me to see. I’ve only seen men doing this sort of work before. The women had their hair covered, but they were wearing pants. Not an abaya. Bring it on…! I want to add twenty exclamation points. I was able to play around with my camera a bit and get a few good shots, then figure out the video. So here is some visual entertainment for you to go along with my story of the weekend.

CAM00204 CAM00205 CAM00214 CAM00217 CAM00221 CAM00213  I loaded a video to You Tube of the fountain at (I still have some learning to do on videos)

This may not seem like much to my readers, but to us, this was one of our favorite weekends. It’s amazing how small things can bring so much joy here in Saudi.

Last night we got to enjoy a lightning show and quite a bit of rain here. This was the first time seeing lightning in the desert, for me.

To all my readers both old and new, thanks for reading, and have a great day!



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