Jet lag


I woke up this morning at 1:00 A.M., my brain didn’t want to shut down as I tried to go back to sleep. Jet Lag! My husband and I have just arrived back in the KSA after a trip back to the States to visit family. It was great to see family again, even though I had only been gone for three months.

It feels good to be back home, I have yet to finish cleaning the layer of sandy dust covering the entire house, and I still need to unpack and find a home for the extra items I was able to bring back with me this time. I thought I would have to re-pack once I got to the airport because I could barely lift my large suitcase and had re-arranged it the night before because my husband needed a pair of shoes and we went to DSW after we had packed. He however, walked out without any shoes and I walked out with a pair that I just had to buy. He had purchased a painting on our trip, I had a nice stash of fabrics both gifted and bought, and I had a small amount of crackers that I can’t find in Saudi. I was able to find some books too, but had stashed them in his suitcase. Turned out I was under the weight limit by two pounds.

So we were in Chicago O’Hare Airport waiting on our flight. Sitting in the Executive lounge I was thinking to myself about the people who go to the lounges. Like, is this where celebrities go? I wondered if I would see Melissa Etheridge. I do not know why her name was the name that came to mind. And I have to admit, she wasn’t there. We hadn’t even planned on going through Chicago, but due to mechanical issues in Indianapolis, that flight never left, so we were re-routed, and compensated in Chicago with a free hotel stay and food vouchers. My husband had to miss his first day back to work due to the delays, but we are thankful for the safe travels getting home. And I have to give my husband props for the executive lounge, because if it wasn’t for his pursuit of mileage rewards and hotel points, it wouldn’t have happened that we were there!

Looks like I have a lot of projects to work on over the next few months. It will keep me busy I hope. Quilting, designing some illustrations for a small book, more illustrations for prints to sell on my Facebook page, and some heavy soul searching will be in the works.

That’s all for now, but more to come…