Now to find a dress


This week it has felt like fall temps back in the States. I never really knew that 60 some degrees (F) could feel so chilly! 🙂

Anyway, the latest news here is that I finally have my resident card and now waiting on my multiple exit visas so that I can travel outside of the country and back. (fifteen minutes later I got a call that the visas are done!)

My husband and I were invited to a wedding here in Saudi next weekend. And so now I have the chance to experience what a Saudi wedding is like. I’m actually quite nervous about it. I think because I don’t know anyone there, and won’t have my husband by my side. Saudi weddings are segregated and are a huge deal here. The future wife (who I have not met) messaged me last night and told me “not to be nervous, it’s the same as any wedding anywhere in the world. And don’t forget my dress.” 🙂

And that point reminds me of a recent experience in a dress store. I walked in and began looking around and a store clerk, who was trying to be helpful brought out a dress for me that he thought I would like. I took one look and I hope the look of shock was clear on my face for the whole store to see. I thought to myself, who do you think I am?! This dress was so immodest and trashy my mouth just dropped! This red thing with all these vertical slits in it was NOT my thing!

I have done a few searches on Saudi weddings, and from what I have found, this is a place where women really dress up! And many future brides are chosen by mothers at the gatherings. So the pressure to look nice (only need to impress my husband) is on! It will definitely be a cultural experience for sure!

The flight tickets are booked, so I will have a story to tell later on… -wifeabroad


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