What is normal?

I had told my husband a few days ago that I have to find normality in my life here. Like it’s something that will keep me sane. I find certain tasks to be normal and I enjoy them, so it helps my day go by. Cleaning the house, washing the dishes, cooking, and laundry. All these things are normal to me.
I just got done washing my clothes in the sink today. It’s my normal at the moment. And I really don’t mind it. It’s just time consuming. And I have lots of time!
The dust is crazy here. It’s not normal. I sort of wish the box of Swiffer products would show up at my front door like they happen in the commercials back in the States. Hey, I would totally endorse them if they came here to help me keep this marble clean and dust free! 
Played around with some water colors, because creating is normal to me and it is a constant form of therapy for me. It calms me and helps me focus my thoughts.
The simplest of things can be so enjoyable.
And I ended it all by re-painting my nails with black polish. If you know me, that’s very normal.


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