I want to share my thoughts, and experiences of my life abroad with you. I hope that I can give in-site to some things that go on in far-away places. Maybe change your minds on what you think is real, maybe add humor to what may seem like a boring life at times, and maybe just be honest about things even if it’s ugly. I don’t know at this point what I will gain from doing this. It is all new to me and I realize that I may end up sharing very personal things at times. But maybe my vulnerability in that will make me grow as a person. I welcome any questions you may have, or support along the way. I know that all may not agree with what I am doing, but that is okay with me to. While this is public, it will be a journal of sorts. I will however do my best to not disrespect anyone and will always keep the safety of my family first.I don’t know where I will go next, but my current location is Saudi Arabia. This is my story starting out here as an American woman in a strange place.


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